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The Rules of a Solid Database Marketing Plan

Your database marketing plan shouldn’t be the same as every other marketing plan in your playbook. These leads are special – potentially more valuable – and require a particular nuance that will spur them to refer and repeat business. In this…

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Crafting a Perfect Real Estate Marketing Plan

Your real estate marketing plan is the star of your business. When formulated correctly, it’s your step-by-step guide to attracting more leads, increasing your business, and scaling your brand. But it all starts with knowing exactly how to fill it…

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Listing Generation Tactics Pt. 2: Offline & Social Marketing

More than anything else, agents want EFFECTIVE listing generation tactics, because not all are created equal. That’s why Jason Pantana has taken all the plays he’s seen as a top coach and boiled them down to the 24 most effective. On this…

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