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Bill Pipes Guest Blog: 7 Life Lessons I Learned Climbing Aconcagua

Editor’s Note: My buddy Bill Pipes is more than our master sales trainer and presenter of Sales Edge. He’s an adventurer always pushing himself to conquer new goals, and he recently experienced one of the most harrowing adventures of his life. Along the way, he learned some amazing lessons for life and business. I asked […]

Providing More Value To Your Customers With Gary Gold | #REalSuccess Episode 28

This week’s #REalSuccess features rockstar luxury agent Gary Gold. If that name sounds familiar it is because Gary was the agent who sold the Playboy Mansion! Gary has been selling real estate for close to 40 years and serves the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles markets. Get your notebooks ready, because Gary shares with Bill […]

Using Grit to Increase Your Business With David Devoe | REal Success Episode 27

This week’s REal Success features rockstar agent David Devoe. David serves Hoboken, New Jersey and the surrounding areas and has been in the business for about seven years. He came from the mortgage industry where he worked for about 10 years prior. David started out small with a few deals per year, and now has […]

Keys to Being a Successful Leader | REal Success Episode 25

Every real estate agent is a leader! You might be leading your team of agents… Or you’re simply leading the transaction, and you are the voice of reason that is keeping the deal together. Today’s REal Success is all about how to be a more effective leader, and we are hearing from industry expert Todd Conklin.

Inspiration Over Income With Coach Bill Pipes

Seek inspiration over income. It’s a simple thought; however, I have found it to be critical over the last 25 years of coaching, speaking, and training. Anyone who ever said that success would be easy was either naive or selling you something. The truth is … success is a grind and requires a considerable amount […]

Setting 270 Appointments in a Year – REal Success Episode 23

Here’s what’s interesting about the human mind… We set our own barriers to success. In this episode of REal Success, you’ll learn what is REALLY possible in real estate. James Suarez is living proof of what is possible – he set an appointment every single day … for an entire year straight! Can YOU imagine […]

Age Is Not a Limit For Success | REal Success Episode 22

This month on REal Success Coach Bill Pipes talks with rockstar agent Ed Converse. Many of you might have seen Ed on a panel at this past Summit. Ed is 76 is years old and works in the areas north of Atlanta and throughout Georgia. When the market was tanking 9 years ago, Ed jumped […]

2016 Summit Recap

Wow, Summit was so incredible, and I hope you all walked away with a new mindset and the tools you need to 10X your business. I’m so thankful for all of you who were with me in Vegas and watched via LiveCast. There were a TON of great takeaways that I got from Summit, and […]

5 Steps To Increased Influence – Bill Pipes

What do the best salespeople know that others don’t? Why is it that it takes some real estate agents 15 conversations to generate a sale while it takes others hundreds of conversations? How can you connect with a complete stranger and within 15 seconds have them relating to you with trust, respect, and gratitude? The […]

How To Build Strong Sales Skills – #TomFerryShow

Thousands of people come into real estate every year and nearly all of them, 87% according to NAR, leave the industry within 5 years. Working in real estate means that you must be a strong salesperson and the vast majority of those people leaving each year simply haven’t taken the time to improve their sales […]

Achieving Massive Success by Farming | REal Success Episode 16

In this episode of REal Success, Coach Bill Pipes talks with Team+ Coaching member, Brandon Howe, about how he achieves massive success through Geographic Farming. Brandon has gone from 46 – to – 96 – to – 139 transactions in just three years!  He says that  50% of his business comes from his farm and […]

The 5 Key Building Blocks for Success | REal Success Episode 15

  In this episode of REal Success, Coach Bill Pipes talks to coaching client Jessie Rodriguez, who stars in the HGTV show Vintage Flip, about how to go with the punches of real estate and still come out on top. There are many lessons to be learned in this episode that can be applied to […]

Social Media for Branding and Sales | REal Success Episode 14

For Episode #14 Bill Pipes interviews Christophe Choo and talks luxury real estate, video and social media. Christophe who specializes in the luxury markets of Los Angeles began his real estate career at 19 and since then has sold nearly 500 properties making him part of the top 1% of all brokers in the world […]

The Bulletproof Open House Strategy| REal Success Episode 13

  When most agents struggle getting people to come to their open houses Kyle Whissel can’t get people to leave his! Kyle leads the number one team in San Diego according to the Wall Street Journal and one is of the best agents in America if you ask Zillow or Trulia. Selling 248 homes in 2014 […]

A Winning Business Model for a Solo Agent or a Team | REal Success Episode 11

  Doing the same sales production that you did all of last year but in half the time is no small feat, but it’s definitely doable if you have the right business model in place. Learn how team leaders Andrew Undem and Joe Sachetti of Baltimore, MD created a winning business model that would boost […]

How to sell 92 homes in 3 months! | REal Success Episode 9

  Selling 92 homes in 3 months is no small feat, but it’s definitely attainable with the right team and a raving client list. Colorado Springs agent, Treasure Davis shares with us how to build a highly effective team and a client base that consistently generates referrals. Go to (6:02) to discover what it takes […]

How To Break Into The Luxury Market | REal Success Episode 7

  Go to (5:18) to learn how to break into the luxury market Go to (9:09) to discover the difference between selling the luxury market and selling the normal market Go to (24:35) to hear how to go after high end listings as a new agent in the luxury market Today we have Wendy Walker […]