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With Your Business Plan Complete, It’s Time to Work on Your 2020 Life Plan

I’ve got a big question for you with lots of possible interpretations: Where are you going in 2020? Last week’s blog hammered home the importance of completing your 2020 business plan, which dictates where you’ll take your business in the next 12 months. (If you missed it and haven’t completed yours, read it now!) Today […]

Resolutions Aren’t Enough: It’s Now or Never for Your 2020 Business Plan

It’s January 2. You’re at the beginning of a journey that will test you, reward you and provide an opportunity to radically improve your life. But you can’t just hope things work out. You need a plan. Truthfully, you should have created your business plan weeks ago. If you haven’t done it yet, NOW is […]

Getting Noticed In A Crowded Marketplace

Do you feel invisible in the massive sea of real estate agents? Are you having trouble distinguishing yourself from other agents? If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how to develop your unique selling proposition and what you can do to separate yourself from the competition!

The Formula For Your Best Year Ever – #TomFerryShow

Are you operating at an inspired level? Or are you tired, grinding away at work, and stuck in that “Eeyore” state of mind? I want you to live life to the fullest and I can show you how to live at that inspired level. Here’s what you need to do…

5 Things Successful Agents Do Every Day

Success isn’t an accident… It is the result of the habits, practices, and hard work that you do on a daily basis. If you look at a group of successful agents you’ll see a recurring theme …

10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Agent Tools Today!

  Tom is passionate about creating a better quality real estate experience for all.  And it starts with sharing.  Tom loves sharing his knowledge with you, whether it’s through the weekly #TomFerryShow, at a live event or on his social channels. Did you know that our website has a specific section with some of the […]

8 Absolute Actions for December – #TomFerryShow

December is here! Hopefully all of you have completed your 2016 Business Plan by now and have set yourself up for success come January. Now it’s time to get uber-focused and knock out these 8 actions you absolutely need to do in the month of December. All 8 actions fall under 3 areas: Getting Organized, Filling […]

Make 2016 the Best Year Ever – #TomFerryShow

Was 2015 a great year for you professionally and personally? Whether your answer is YES or no … Right now is the time to start planning for 2016 to ensure it is your best year ever. Be sure to download my 2016 Agent Business Plan! Work through the business plan cover to cover then schedule […]

2016 Business Planning

The start of fourth quarter is my favorite time of the year. It’s the time when we assess how we’ve done so far, set our Q4 intentions and begin formulating and then cementing our plans for the new year.

Why Most Agents Will Be Broke in January 2016 – #TomFerryShow

So far 2015 has been a great year for many agents and as the holidays approach many of them start to take their foot of the gas. And because of the boom or bust nature in real estate taking your foot off the gas for a couple months could mean you have nothing in the […]

8 Ways To Not Plateau In Real Estate – #TomFerryShow

Are you trying to better your business but you feel like you are stuck in the same spot? Get the momentum you need to better your business and find out what level of performance is needed to be successful in real estate! Go to (5:25) to see if it is time to hire an assistant […]

A Winning Business Model for a Solo Agent or a Team | REal Success Episode 11

  Doing the same sales production that you did all of last year but in half the time is no small feat, but it’s definitely doable if you have the right business model in place. Learn how team leaders Andrew Undem and Joe Sachetti of Baltimore, MD created a winning business model that would boost […]

Real Estate Rockstars – Podcast Interview with Pat Hiban

  Check out my interview with Pat Hiban on his show “Real Estate Rockstars!” We talked about what it takes to be successful in real estate and the key steps that are most important in business planning. Here are some of the biggest takeaways: Get clear on why you are in real estate – what […]