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How To Find The Needle In The Haystack – #TomFerryShow

What if I told you that I finally found the needle in the haystack? I want to show you how to find those needles that are in the haystack of your marketplace. It is actually a really important topic, and one that some agents are scared of…

How to Remove Doubt and Uncertainty – #TomFerryShow

Do you want total certainty in your business? What would it look like if you removed doubt, fear, and the unnecessary drama and anxiety from your business? I have good news for you… By doing this ONE THING you can create a certainty generator in your business.

3-Part Series: Appointment Setting – Best of #TomFerryShow

Are you ready to become a lean, mean, appointment setting machine? Imagine how your business would change if you 10x the number of appointments you set. A few months ago, I debuted a series of videos ALL about appointment setting. Today I’m sharing them all in the consecutive 3-part series so that you can dominate […]

10X Your Business in 2017 – #TomFerryShow

Happy New Year! Yes, I know, it’s still only September, but… 2017 starts NOW. Here’s the thing … you might still be in the mindset of “finish 2016 strong”, and you should be! But in order to start the new year off with a bang, you MUST start planning now.

3 Questions to Attract More Listings – #TomFerryShow

Whenever I have a discussion with someone in the industry, whether it’s a top agent or business leader, we all come to the same conclusion… There is such a HUGE opportunity in this market to be listing as many properties as you can (yup, even in the high end … and I’ve got a special […]

The Model, Marketing, and Mindset of Top Producers – #TomFerryShow

I heard a lot of great feedback about the “Model, Marketing, and Mindset” talk from Summit. In fact, this week’s #TomFerryShow is all about modeling, and the questions to ask to find the increase in your business that you have been looking for! What is modeling and why is it so important? Modeling is when […]

Update Your Mindset – #TomFerryShow

When was your last update? I’m not talking about your cell phone; I’m talking about your mindset! So what happens if you don’t update your mindset?

Be A Level Ten With No Apologies – #TomFerryShow

Right before my book launched I hit an interesting crossroads… I was on the verge of breaking through my glass ceiling and I was definitely outside my comfort zone. Have you ever been there before? I was so close, but I set myself up for a little bit of self-sabotage. I was in my head, […]

Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted – #TomFerryShow

A few years ago I had a pretty amazing experience… I was in Mexico at a place called Bahia De Los Sueños owned by a friend of mine. After a wonderful evening and dinner, I came back to the resort and spent a few minutes with my boys on the beach. We were having a […]

Be Your Best At What You Do Best – #TomFerryShow

People ask me all the time, “How do you maintain this incredible sense of energy and passion? Passion and energy are a choice, and like a muscle, they need to be exercised every single day! You have to work on how you feel on the inside because that radiates to how you communicate with people […]

Be An Appointment Setting Machine – #TomFerryShow

You asked for it and I’m delivering! I want you to be an appointment setting machine and this 3 part series will help! I’ll show you how to book more appointments and overcome fear on the phones! It starts by asking this important question…

4 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slump – #TomFerryShow

Summer is a great time to relax, but don’t let yourself slip into that zone where you kill your momentum. You can still have fun, but making sure you have a plan set up now will ensure that you have a profitable summer and are positioned for continued success in the fall. Here are four […]

Turn Your Time Into Money – #TomFerryShow

Everyday is the same. You have the greatest intentions to be super productive and make some money. And everyday like clockwork there are dozens of attacks on your time that take you away from your goal. Your inbox. Your voicemail. Your boss. Your clients. Your family. All of them have requests and suggestions on how […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Listing Presentation Today – #TomFerryShow

I’m soooo excited about this episode of the #TomFerryShow. My friends, this is the one episode you’ve been waiting for that is going to make the biggest difference in your business. Bookmark this video and watch it over and over again to ensure you are mastering every step of these powerful listing presentation tips. Now, […]

How To Build Strong Sales Skills – #TomFerryShow

Thousands of people come into real estate every year and nearly all of them, 87% according to NAR, leave the industry within 5 years. Working in real estate means that you must be a strong salesperson and the vast majority of those people leaving each year simply haven’t taken the time to improve their sales […]

10 Best Real Estate Email Marketing Tips – #TomFerryShow

  Last week I opened up my playbook and shared with you the proven marketing strategy to casting a larger net and reaching more customers. This week I’m excited to go talk about something we are all doing, but only a few do well! Email marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association email has an […]

How to Reach a Massive Audience with Digital Marketing – #TomFerryShow

Marketing Domination! Are you reaching a large enough audience with your marketing efforts?   In today’s episode I’m opening up my playbook and sharing the marketing strategy that fuels the success of the #TomFerryShow. After watching this episode one, two or even three times be sure to grab the slides at the bottom of this post.

Real Estate’s Most Impactful Trends – #TomFerryShow

13 years ago I had a phone call that was life-changing for me and I’m excited to have the person on the other side of the phone sitting next to me in this very special episode of the #TomFerryShow. For the seven people who may not know Stefan Swanepoel, he is widely recognized as the leading […]

Overcome the Fear of Prospecting – #TomFerryShow

We surveyed over 3,000 real estate professionals and discovered that when it came to agent behavior there were 5 challenges that stood out loud and clear that all agents face. 1. Prospecting Consistently 2. Time Management 3. Maintaining a Database 4. Mindset & Psychology 5. Organization In this episode we take a deep dive into […]

STOP the EXCUSES and Get More Done! – #TomFerryShow

Do you want to know something that really scares me? 33.3% of people will watch the Super Bowl … yet only 40% of people will make their lives better by setting goals. What’s even scarier about this statistic, is that of the 40% only 8% will actually follow through.  Wow! What the 32% of people who don’t follow through […]

8 Absolute Actions for December – #TomFerryShow

December is here! Hopefully all of you have completed your 2016 Business Plan by now and have set yourself up for success come January. Now it’s time to get uber-focused and knock out these 8 actions you absolutely need to do in the month of December. All 8 actions fall under 3 areas: Getting Organized, Filling […]

How-to Control Your Self Talk & Produce Massive Results – #TomFerryShow

As an independent contractor … someone who has to self motivate everyday to accomplish goals … how much time do you spend fighting self talk? You know, those times when you’re completely in your head about something regrettable you may have said or done.  How much time are you spending in that head space rather […]

Talking Zillow with Spencer Rascoff | #TomFerryShow Episode 4

  Backstage at Inman Connect New York, Tom sat down with Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow, to discuss all things real estate. Tom Ferry: So, for those who don’t know who you are, please tell us, who is Spencer Rascoff? Spencer Rascoff: I’m just a guy who started a website to give consumers access to great […]

Innovation and Creativity | #TomFerryShow Episode 2

  My mentor Mike Vance was Walt Disney’s right hand man in charge of ideas and people development of the Disney empire. So when Mike said to me “creativity is simply the rearrangement of the old in a new way,” I knew it was sage advice. It got me thinking, how can apply Mike’s advice to real […]

Taking Marketing to the Next Level! | #TomFerryShow Episode 1

  Welcome to the #TomFerryShow! This is a brand new show to help you always be innovating, changing, adjusting, staying as relevant as possible with the very best tools, the right-now strategies, and the things that are working today for rock star agents to keep you ahead of the curve! Now you know it’s the beginning of the […]